Dark Country - Into The Dark Country (LP)

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Album ”Into the Dark Country” is now out on vinyl in a LIMITED numbered 100 print edition. Get yours before they’re gone! 

Price is just 20€ plus postage - which is a very cheap fare for a musical journey into realms beyond! When you buy the vinyl you also get a download code to get the digital version of Into the Dark Country for your devices. 

As a special treat we’re also throwing in a map of Dark Country drawn by Sampo; So you can get lost or found, whichever you prefer!

Track listing:

  1. Who Am I Now
  2. Interlude - Last Stop
  3. Sign Of The Dog
  4. Interlude - Not The Same River
  5. Sea Shore
  6. Interlude - The Message
  7. As I Am
  8. Break The Mirror
  9. Interlude - 1000 Years Of Darkness
  10. Fight Till We're Free
  11. 15 000 Miles
  12. Long Shot Man
  13. Interlude - Hell Is Empty
  14. Voodoo Rock
  15. Gaslight

Official release Date: 15.04.2019
Total Length: 35:29
Format: LP